{dear Max} 2 years

Dear Max,

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

2 years ago on this day we welcomed into our arms a healthy, happy baby boy that we had already grown to love in our hearts. 2 years ago you made me a momma. 2 years ago we went from being happy newlyweds to even happier new parents…a family. When God gave me you, he gave me the most amazing gift that I always wanted my whole life long- to be a mother, and to have a little family.

Max was very shy about all the people watching him at his party...so sweet!

max birthday etc 063

Over these two years I have learned so very much from you! Of course I learned to feed you and take care of you. I learned how to go with less sleep and more caffeine, how to make baby food, and how to install a car seat. But oh, you have taught me so so much more than that. You have taught me to treasure the tiniest moments more than all the money in the world. You have taught me how amazing this Earth God created for us to live on really is. Max, you see things in ways that I haven’t in my adult life until now. Everything is so big and beautiful and wonderful to you, and we should all see it that way. It really is big and beautiful and wonderful!

max birthday etc 373

Since I wrote your last letter you have become a big brother and we moved into our new house in the town Daddy and I grew up in. I was so afraid of how that change would effect you, but you didn’t skip a beat. You love everything about our new house, and you seem so much happier here! I thought you were happy in the old house, but now…there is such a difference. You love the windows and all the sunshine that comes beaming in, your new room, and all the space you have to run. I think you love, most of all, that all our family is so close. Since moving to Wilkes you have also learned to love cows…you point them out as we are driving down the road and it makes me so happy.

max birthday etc 415

You are the best big brother, Max. Every morning you come see Drew and say “good morning” as well as you can, kiss him on the forehead and just stare at him for a few minutes. I know you love him…you two are going to be the best of friends.

march 2013 469

I can’t wait to see how your language skills continue to change over the next few months. You understand almost all of what we say, and you repeat words constantly…almost like you are practicing 🙂 Your doctor thinks you will start speaking in sentences any time now! You are learning so much every day- from how to do the laundry to puzzles and new words.

march 2013 418

march 2013 406

My wild man…you are exactly that. We spend every day going constantly…you never stop moving. You have a chipped tooth and its pretty funny, even though it makes me feel a little bad. Every day you fall about 20 times and rarely cry! As your Mimi says, you are a rough and tumble boy.

march 2013 380

I love being your mommy, sweet boy. Every second of it. I’m a little sad that two years have already passed, but I can’t wait to see what the coming years will be like, either! We will play, laugh, cry, learn, and grow…and it will all be the absolute best.

march 2013 038

I love you to the moon and back!



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