Breast feeding

Let me start by saying that breast feeding isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. I am not passing judgment on anyone who chooses to use formula…it is your decision and I totally understand why you might choose formula. Choosing to breast feed is a huge commitment and among other things it can be exhausting and time consuming.

I am, however, a big fan of breast feeding. It’s free (except for the extra calories I have to eat). It is always the right temperature, there is always the right amount, and its always already mixed up. I never have to plan ahead for how much formula to take on vacation or even on a day trip out. And let’s not forget that it automatically has exactly what Drew needs nutritionally.

I breast fed Max for 15 months, and I plan to breast feed Drew for at least that long. For the most part, it has been a fantastic experience, but it has one major downside for me. I feel like because I have chosen to nurse my children that I am shunned a little. And that is a terrible feeling.

I remember with Max that although I loved all the wonderful things about nursing him, I hated that every time I fed him I felt as though I had to excuse myself from the rest of the world. It was even suggested to me a few different times that I go in another room. It shouldn’t be that way!! If someone feels uncomfortable with me feeding my children in the same room as them, then maybe they should excuse themselves, not me!

I swore up and down that with Drew, it would be different. I wouldn’t feed him in the car when he needed to eat while we were out for dinner. I wouldn’t go to the dressing room at Walmart or Target if we were shopping. I definitely wouldn’t go to a public restroom and sit on the toilet to feed him (yes, I actually did that a few times with Max). When he got here, I started off great. I fed him while walking around in Target and wearing him in a sling, and in various restaurants. But then we moved. And I gave up. I love this small town of ours, but because I know so many people and its not nearly as acceptable to nurse in public, I stopped. I felt exposed. I packed a bottle when we were going out to eat, fed Drew in the car, and fed him in a dressing room once.

But I am done with that. While I believe in modesty and discretion, I don’t believe that I should have to hide away to feed my baby.

Maybe since I posted about it on here, I will actually stick to it 🙂

Thank you, Rachel Minick and Stephanie Mayberry for making me feel a little better about this yesterday! Maybe I’m not alone 🙂

The photo below is of me feeding Drew in Target in a sling for the first time…it was such a great feeling and felt so freeing that I took a picture!



3 thoughts on “Breast feeding

  1. Good for you! I’m not sure what it says about me, but honestly, it never occurred to me to go anywhere. Mac asked me about it once, and I think the look on my face told him to never ask again 😉 So in this small town, call Rachel and me for a lunch date and know that we won’t think a thing about where you breast feed. Glad to know y’all are settling in well. Really….call me for lunch!

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