5 things Friday

1) Today is my parents’ anniversary! They have been married 27 years today, and they are still so very happy and in love. My sisters, brother and I are so lucky to have them as our parents and have such a wonderful example of marriage. I’m “babysitting” all my sisters tonight while they go on a date! Happy anniversary Daddy and Momma!

2) I’ve decided I really love coffee. Not just the lattes and mochas from the coffee shop anymore. I have apparently been drinking the wrong kind of coffee. Turns out I like dark roast, strong coffee, barely sweet and no cream. Yum! And thank goodness…I really need an extra boost of energy sometimes!

3) We had a bee infestation today. In our house. I am terrified of bees, so it was kind of a big deal. When we woke up this morning there were about 30 bees in our living room. We sprayed them, had a few traumatic moments with Max about them (he likes bugs, but only on his terms…he wasn’t a fan of them in our house), and cleaned them all up. We also sprayed their nest outside. Now we just have to figure out where they were coming in and fix that. So bazaar.

4) All you iPhone users…go download the “A Beautiful Mess” app. It’s fantastic. And while you’re at it, you should all follow the blog, too. My sweet sister in-law introduced me to it, and I’m hooked.

5) One of my favorite things about moving back to Wilkes has been spending time with some of my favorite people. I have especially loved getting to be around my sisters. Because they were adopted after I was in college in Greensboro, I feel like I never really got an opportunity to get to know them very well. Now I am finally getting to spend time with them, and I love it.




prayer and a two year old

I often wonder how well I am doing with teaching Max about God.  I was really feeling like I had failed thus far and that he had no idea about God and that I hadn’t done enough.  We have been saying “God is great” at every meal for a few months, and I have made sure to pray in front of him often throughout his whole life, really.  Recently, we started saying bedtime prayers and of course we talked about the nativity at Christmas as he was playing with it. But….that’s about it.  I didn’t even know where to start talking to him about his Savior.  I pray every day (multiple times) that Max would learn to love and trust the Lord and that we would be able to teach him to live the life of a Christian. Turns out, Max is catching on already.

A couple of days ago, without prompting, Max said the prayers at lunch.  He sat down with his food in front of him, and rather than picking up his spoon and digging in like usual, he simply put his hands together, closed his eyes and said, “God God God…AMEN.” And ever since then you can count on him doing this at meals.  Earlier tonight at dinner, he said “Mommy, do it” as he put my hands together, and then we said “God is great.”

Then tonight, what he did brought tears to my eyes.  I was laying in his bed next to him, impatiently waiting for him to fall asleep because he was fighting it so hard.  He reached over, put my hands together and said, “God?” as if to say “Mommy, aren’t we going to pray tonight?” I prayed, and when he decided I was finished he said a big “AMEN.”  Then he asked me to pray again. This time, after I prayed about a few of the normal topics, he started making suggestions. Baby, Daddy, Max, sleep and Bo were all among the list of our prayers tonight.

It completely amazes me that my sweet little two year old can already know what it means to pray.  I know he may not understand exactly what/who God is, or why we pray, but I feel pretty certain that he knows HOW to pray and that we should pray.  I wish I could say that I always talk and listen to God, but sometimes I definitely get caught up in other things and forget, and I hate that.  We could all use a little more time in prayer.

That moment tonight is one I will cherish for a lifetime, and I hope we have many many more prayers together.  Tonight I will be praising God that I get to be that boys’ momma, and thanking him for blessing me with a child that reminds me to pray.

5 things Friday

This is the second week I have done the 5 things Friday post, and I am loving it!

1) This weekend is going to be the best! We are traveling to Lynchburg, VA where my brother, Tucker and his wife, Chelsea live to visit with them and see them graduate from Liberty University! I am so excited to spend some time with them and we are all so very proud of what they have accomplished. Those two are just the best, and I’m so thankful for them.

2) I’ve been using printable weekly planner sheets that I found on Pinterest and it has made everything at our house so much more organized! I use them to plan meals, chores, and appointments. Check them out!

3) On last weeks “5 things Friday” post I mentioned that my friend Grace and her husband Kevin were having a gender reveal party this past Sunday. Well, it turns out, they are having a sweet baby boy! I think everyone I know is having a baby boy. I could not be happier for them. They are going to be fantastic parents, and I can’t wait to meet baby Mac!

4) I think it’s safe to say that Max is officially sleeping all night every night in his big boy bed now! We had a bit of a rough transition when we moved as far as his sleep habits were concerned. As a baby he slept either in our bed or in his cosleeper, and it was wonderful. But when we found out we were expecting Drew, we bought him a big boy bed. He slept in it off and on, but definitely regressed once Drew was born. Turns out that’s pretty normal, and we have been working with him on it. He was sleeping between Nick and I in our bed, with the baby in the cosleeper, and we were all exhausted. So I started letting him fall asleep wherever he landed, then moving him to his bed, and he was so proud when he’d wake up in his own room! Now he falls asleep in his bed almost every night, and almost always sleeps through the night. It went so smoothly, and wasn’t traumatic for any of us! I’m so glad we have taken the co-sleeping route with our boys and have chosen to never let them cry it out. This way has been wonderful for our family!

5) Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there! I have been so blessed by my mom and grandmothers, and I hope I can be half as good of a mother as any one of them.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

Photos are both from Instagram…Drew at his 2 month check up, and Max on our way to Lynchburg



time with daddy

Since Nick is gone to Greensboro most days and about 3 nights a week, it’s kind of a big deal for all of us when he’s home. We love spending time together as a family! A lot of the time we end up doing errands when Nick is home, but we also spend a ton of time just playing, snuggling, and watching movies. Mornings are usually slow, spent in our pajamas and watching cartoons in our bed.

may 2013 001

may 2013 020After we have all  had our fill of being lazy, we get ready and start the errands if there are any.

may 2013 011

Max is currently loving brushing his teeth and fixing his hair. He spends about 30 minutes every morning standing on a stool in the bathroom getting ready for the day. And splashing in the sink. Mostly, splashing in the sink 😉

This week we bought a new (to us) car and took Drew to his 2 month check up on Monday.  On Tuesday we got new tires put on the car and got hair cuts for Nick and Max.  Surprisingly, both days were perfect and so much fun!

may 2013 037may 2013 051(Side note: This was Max’s first barber shop hair cut, and it went so well! I have yet to get a good picture of the finished product, but it is definitely the best and least expensive hair cut he has every had. I was a little iffy about how he would do with a man cutting his hair since in the past it has always been a girl and girls are typically sweet and patient with kids.  The guy who cut Max’s hair was fantastic! He was so good with him…we will definitely be going back!)

Nick is off all weekend, and we are so excited! We will be going to Lynchburg to visit my brother, Tucker and his wife Chelsea, and they are graduating from Liberty University this weekend! And of course Sunday will be spent celebrating all the mothers. It is sure to be a fantastic weekend 🙂

{dear Drew} 2 months

{dear Drew} 2 months

Dear Drew,

I am already so very smitten with you, baby boy. Your double crown that gives your hair a permanent fauxhawk, your deep blue eyes, the way your fingers automatically curl around mine. I love your round belly and the dimples on your elbows, and the way you look at me like I’m your whole world.

I love how much you need me. I feed and change you, hold you, make you feel better when your tummy hurts, and rock you to sleep. You keep me busy, sweet boy, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

We took you to Merle Fest this past weekend, and you were such a good baby. You stayed in either the Ergo carrier or the ring sling the entire time, even for feedings, and seemed to love it! I love that we can take you anywhere…your brother was the same way. We even went on Sunday to see the Avett Brothers, even though it poured the rain and was a little chilly. I bundled you up and nestled you into the Ergo, and you stayed dry, warm and happy the whole time. I loved having you snuggled up to me the whole weekend!

You tend to be the happiest when being held, so you stay in the carrier or in my arms pretty much all day every day so that I can still get things done. People tell me you will be spoiled and that babies should be put down, but I don’t believe in all that. We have a bond that is irreplaceable, baby, and I am more than happy to carry you around with me.

You have started holding your head up pretty well by yourself, and I cannot believe how big you are already! Right now you are sort of in between your 0-3 month clothes and your 3-6 month clothes. We lovingly refer to you as “pudge,” a nickname Max has given to you.

It is well deserved, and we are so happy to have such a big and healthy baby boy. We took you to the doctor for your 2 month check up today. You weighed 13lbs 10.5oz (85th percentile) and you were 24inches long (85th percentile)…Poor thing, though…you haven’t felt very good since you got your shots today. You got 5, and you have been crying a lot. You just want to be held, but that’s okay. We’ve been so happy to do that 🙂

You are so perfect, little one.

I love you to the moon and back!


5 things Friday

I’m going to start doing a “5 Random Things” post every Friday as much as possible…5 random thoughts of mine every Friday. We will see how this goes 😉

1) As of tomorrow it has been 3 weeks since I have used shampoo on my hair. I have naturally curly hair, and it is pretty damaged and frizzy right now. Turns out that all the chemicals that are in shampoo are just making all of that worse, and its better for curly headed gals to skip the shampoo. Instead? I rinse my hair every other day, and I use a baking soda/water mixture (1/4 cup baking soda to 1 quart of water) just on my roots once or twice a week. On the days I use the baking soda mixture I also condition just the ends of my hair. It’s called the “no-poo” method. And it’s been working wonders! I also use a cotton t-shirt to dry my hair rather than I towel which also cuts back on frizz 🙂

2) Right now I’m in the middle of reading Parenting with Love and Logic, and its pretty great so far. I’m hoping it will give me some good insight and ideas about how to handle all the behavioral issues (we really don’t have the many) that have come up since Max has gotten a little older. Have you read it?

3) Nick is working and staying overnight in Greensboro this weekend. He left Thursday morning and is coming back Sunday night. We all miss him a lot, and he misses us, but Max is having a hard time with his Daddy being gone so much lately. Pray for us, please?

4) My best friend is having a baby in a few months, and we are going to her “gender reveal” party on Sunday! I can’t wait to see her…because of everything we’ve had going on lately I haven’t seen her since January! It’s going to be a great day 🙂

5) I’m actually (finally) learning to cook! In the past few weeks I have made several dinners very successfully, and I’m so stinking happy about it. Surprisingly, I find cooking in our new kitchen pretty enjoyable, except for the cleaning up part!

I hope you all have a great weekend!