Father’s Day (better late than never)

I grew up with the best Daddy a girl could ask for. Always fun, forever loving and kind and gentle, and no matter what he has my back. I have such good memories of my Daddy from when we were growing up.  Hiking on the parkway in the warm  months.  Sledding in the pasture behind my Granny and Poppy’s house when it was cold and snowy. And we can’t forget the time he jumped in after me (and saved my life) when I fell into the bottom of a waterfall in a creek that had too much water running with it from a heavy rainfall the night before. Some of my favorite memories are of my brother, Tucker, and I dancing with Daddy in the living room to the Beach Boys.



Now my Daddy has become the best Pop to our boys…Max adores him, and I am sure Drew will feel the same.  He seems to have the magic touch with my wild guys- if you want one of them to calm down, stop crying, or go to sleep, just hand them over to Pop. We are so thankful for him…he means the world to us.

summer 2013 371

My husband is also a fantastic dad…and that makes me so happy. He loves spending quality time with our boys, and he can’t wait to share fun adventures with them for years and years to come.  He seriously has things planned that he wants to do with them years from now!  I know that Max and Drew are making memories with Nick every day- Max simply adores his Daddy, and Drew seems to as well.  I am so very thankful to be walking the parenting journey alongside my sweet hubby.

We spent Father’s Day doing fun things with our Dad’s…I am so glad the men in my life want to spend Father’s Day having fun with their families. We let Nick sleep in while the boys and I got ready, then we drove to Boone where we met my family for lunch.  After lunch we went to Tweetsie Railroad with my Daddy, Mom, and sisters.  It was so much fun! After Tweetsie, we came home and cooked dinner at our house with Nick’s Dad, Mom, and sister, Gretta, followed by a trip out to Sweet Frog (Nick’s Dad’s favorite). Somehow I didn’t get any pictures of Nick’s dad…I was busy in the kitchen I guess!  But here are some pictures of our Tweetsie adventure…

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three years

Three years ago, I walked down the aisle of the church my parents were married in, clutching my daddy’s arm in anxiousness, towards my fiancé. He greeted me with a nervous smile, and I greeted him with a sob and a giggle. I hugged my Daddy, and walked up to stand with Nick in front of only our very closest friends and family. I cried my way through our vows, and he squeezed my hand tighter than ever…we had already been together for seven years…and that moment meant so very much to us. We promised our love, and we promised our lives. I walked back down that aisle with my husband and a new name… Mrs. Brown. We were so happy that day. Happy to be married! Happy to be sharing everything for forever.

Three years later, I love my husband even more than I did the day I became his wife. It hasn’t all been easy, but I am so happy that he’s been by my side every day and will continue to be there for the rest of our lives. On good days and bad days, I know I can count on him to be right there. As cliche as it probably sounds, he is truly my companion and best friend.

We went to eat dinner with my mom and sisters at my parents’ house tonight. When it was time to go, Nick took Drew out to the car and then stood and held his hands out to Max to help him into the car. Max ran as fast as he could into Nick’s arms with the biggest grin on his face, saying “Daddy,” and Nick picked him up and held him up high in the air, Max giggling the entire time.  Moments like that are so special and it reminds me about how much he means to me. I just thought to myself, “gosh, I get to share my life with this man…how lucky am I?!”  I get to hug and kiss him every day, make him (sometimes disgusting) dinner every night, and he will eat it no matter what with a smile on his face. I get to watch him teach our boys how to play ball, and how to be good men.  I get to argue with him, and while that seems like a bad thing, I can only think of how our marriage will be better because of it. And then I wonder, how can it keep getting better if it is already so dang good? That makes me so happy to think about. We get to go on dates and talk about our days and laugh together about the good moments and hold each other through the bad ones. This married life thing? It is the best.

I love you to the moon and back, sweet husband of mine. I’m so glad I get to be your wife!



Sometimes you just need some fresh air…

…and a few friends. We have been walking a few times lately with my friend from way back, Nicole, and her three sweet kids. Sure, we go for the exercise, but I have to admit, I like to go mostly for the social part.

Nicole and I were best friends from first grade through middle school, and then we somehow lost touch. We had matching outfits, and we were OBSESSED with “the Magic Attic Club” dolls. Now that we live in the same town again, we have reconnected and I am loving it! In second grade we had matching outfits, and now we have matching strollers. It’s pretty awesome.

I took the boys for a walk by myself this morning, and it was a little bit miserable without someone to talk to and enjoy the company of. But we got a double stroller last week, and I was dying to get out of the house and use it this morning!

We are all still loving life here in Wilkes county. The Greenway has proven to be a wonderful place to go to walk, play, and just get some fresh air. We live in such a beautiful place!