answered prayers


After just over 6 months, I am so so SO excited that I can tell you…NICK GOT A JOB IN WILKES! Hallelujah!

These past 6 months have been some of the most trying times of my life. Being a parent to two sweet boys with the other parent being gone the majority of the time is no joke. Neither is being married to someone that you adore but that doesn’t actually really live with you most of the time.

Nick has applied and interviewed for several jobs, and the rejection that we both felt when he didn’t get them was miserable. The last time he found out that he didn’t get a job he had interviewed for, I will never forget. When he told me, I was originally fine. I had prepared myself for the worst. And then, my sweet, sweet sister in law, Chelsea, called to see how I was, and I lost. It. All. I was confused and hurt and scared and sad and I felt like I just couldn’t keep doing this. Why had God led us to this house and this town, basically placing it all in our hands, if it meant we couldn’t all be together? I KNEW he had a plan for us and that one day I could look back on all of this and see the good, but in that moment, I couldn’t see it at all. Thank God for Chelsea. She gave me hope that day. She helped me to feel ok, and she helped me to see that it was going to be fine, that we would get through it. Thank the good Lord that my brother married her.

I am still not so sure about what I learned from this…except that I need my husband around all the time. And how important my support system is! But I’m sure that it will be clear to me one day!

I’m so proud of my hubs. He has always worked so hard to support our family, and none of that ever changed. I’m so so thankful for his persistence and determination over these past 6 months. Golly, I love him. And no, I’m not one bit sorry for being a total sap.

So, we made it, friends! The end is in sight! One week from Thursday is my sweet husband’s last day of work at Lowes in Greensboro. He will never have to go back. He can stop having to spend 4 nights a week away from us. And y’all, we are all so stinking excited to be together every day again!



{dear drew} 6 months

*just realized this was never posted! it has been saved as a draft for a month or so now…oops!

drew edited 6 months

Dear Drew,

Happy half-birthday, my pudge boy! I know we say it all the time, but time is passing so so quickly. How are you already 6 months old?

You weigh 18 pounds, 6.5 ounces…and you are in the 85-90 percentile for your weight and height…my big boy!

You are such a joy. Such a happy, sweet little thing. You are always smiling, always making silly faces. And you are growing SO fast. People who ask your age are constantly shocked that you aren’t any older than you are!

I have loved watching you explore and learn about your world lately. When you started crawling it was like I was getting to know you better, watching you go to the toys you wanted to play with instead of the ones I chose for you. Just like your big brother, you love all things “boy”…balls, trucks, and anything that makes noise.

You love to be held and snuggled, and you spend a lot of time each day in the ring sling or in the Ergo. I love that about you! The happiest times of my days are the times when I’m holding you boys. You also love playing, crawling, your daddy and brother, being outside, sleeping on your belly, nursing, avocado, your feet, and chewing on anything that makes its way to your mouth.

I love that when I reach to you, you reach back. I love that when you are happy you smack your hands on your legs and the way you hold my hand and touch my face while you nurse. I love that when someone you know picks you up, you reach out and lovingly hold their face and coo and talk. My sweet littlest love, I just adore everything about you.

You’ve started pulling up on things around you, and I know you will be standing before we know it! Can’t we just slow down a little bit, baby boy?

I love you to the moon and back!