two photos a day for thirty-one days: day 6

this is the sixth day in a series! i am challenging myself to take at least two photos (one of each boy), edit, and post them each day in the month of october.

*okay, so these are yesterdays photos…not enough hours in the day yesterday, y’all.


this boy loved his banana yesterday…obviously!


max fell asleep while helping me with laundry yesterday

max fell asleep while helping me with laundry yesterday



two photos a day for thirty-one days: day 3

this is the third day in a series! i am challenging myself to take at least two photos (one of each boy), edit, and post them each day in the month of october.

Not going to lie…I cheated a little today. I got some GREAT pictures of Max playing outside this evening. And I got one (yes, one) picture I loved of Drew tonight. The poor boy has had a rough day. But then…I got really impatient when I was editing. I really wanted to make them black and white, and, well…that is easier said than done. Soooooo, I ended up editing them on my phone in the “Afterlight” app 🙂 oh well.





what is it about fall weather that inspires me so much? i love it. every year, the second the leaves start crunching under my feet as i walk around and the air is crisp and cool in the mornings…i become more productive and more creative.

this year, i am taking advantage of all those good feelings. i found a great printable here for a “monthly goals” worksheet, and i will be tackling some of my goals and trying to form new, good habits. i am sharing those goals here, with you, so that i will be held accountable!

it supposedly takes 21 days to form a new habit. what habits would you like to have?

my goals for october:

1- exercise 5 days a week (i feel like lately i haven’t had near as much energy, and i think at least part of the reason is that i haven’t been exercising. it amazes me how much better i feel when i DO exercise often!)

2- take at least one picture that i love each day with my “big” camera…and edit it! (i have a pretty nice dslr that i am slowly learning to use, but i could use some motivation! I have made up my own little photo project. 31 days of portraits of the boys…and it will be here! Stay tuned…)

3- use social media WAY less. And when I say social media I mostly mean Facebook. (i have a love/hate relationship with social media. it is entirely too time consuming, and entirely too negative. especially facebook! i recently read this blog post about social media. this girl decided that if she couldn’t use social media for good, then she would just say goodbye. she eventually came around to the idea of social media Mondays…so she only uses social media on Mondays, of course! This has really been on my heart lately, and I’ve considered giving it up all together for a while now. Still trying to decide what this looks like for me. The blog definitely won’t count because that serves as somewhat of a creative outlet for me.)

4- keep my kitchen clean. (enough said)

5- spend time doing fun things with the boys. (I feel like we have been so busy with the every day life things that I haven’t been the most intentional about having fun with Max and Drew. that’s about to change!)

6- do something crafty!

7- spend time in prayer, study and worship daily. (Again, not sure what exactly this means for me on a daily basis, but I know I need to do it!)

8- get up early every day. get dressed. get going. (this has been a goal of mine for quite a while. my boys are late sleepers so it is incredibly tempting to sleep until they wake me up every morning. my snooze button gets a workout on the daily. lets be real…this momma is tired. and sleep usually wins! but i don’t want it to! i benefit a great deal from having a little bit of time to myself in the mornings, so this is important!)

Want to join me? What are your goals this month?