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Today, Thursday. Slow morning before husband left for work. Sweet potato chili, guitar lessons with my sisters. Playing and napping for the babes. Puppy snuggles. Normal.

But I love finding lovely things in the every day, and I love that my camera helps me do that sometimes. It helps me see every moment differently.

I love these moments. The small things my boys do that make my heart so happy.

Drew…when he wants some alone time he sneaks off to a closet in their room and plays quietly. I found him in there today with the door shut, happy as can be and loving having a little alone time.

Max…he has started asking for naps when he gets sleepy. He wants me to make him a little nest on the couch, he snuggles into it, and off to sleepy town he goes. For a sweet boy who has never been the best sleeper, it’s kind of glorious.

I just really love being their momma.



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